Katie Couric is Calling all Brides-to-be!!!!!

Are you planning your big day or did you just get engaged and have a ton of questions about your wedding day?! Well you're in luck because this February, Katie will host an hour long wedding show where the audience will be filled with ALL brides-to-be! Whether you’ve been engaged for months or just a … Continue reading Katie Couric is Calling all Brides-to-be!!!!!

Pollen-Proofing Your Wedding Day

I don't know about you but my allergy symptoms usually start around March, last until mid April, and are unforgivable.  I spend most spring days alternating between sneezing until I'm winded and blowing my nose just to relieve the sinus pressure building on my brain.  And I'm not alone - it's estimated that some 14 … Continue reading Pollen-Proofing Your Wedding Day

The B Side: Intern Sushi

As a small business owner, you know that if you want to grow your business you're going to need help.  And, as your business grows it will become increasingly harder for you to play the role of CEO, CFO, Creative Director, Executive Assistant, Personal Assistant AND Office Manager. But when it comes to help, the reality for many … Continue reading The B Side: Intern Sushi

3 Tips for Writing Thank You Cards

After the cake has been eaten, the champagne has been toasted and the guests have gone home, there's still one significant task left to do and it's arguably the most difficult.  I'm talking about sending the 'Thank You' cards.  It's non-optional and it's not a sexy job - just ask any bride or hostess who … Continue reading 3 Tips for Writing Thank You Cards

Etsy Find: Glass Slippers

Any girl would dream of being Cinderella if the missing shoe was this T.L.C. Creation made from recycled and repurposed materials. This exciting design has shards of broken glass over the toes and lots of crystals on the heels.  The sides of the shoes are covered with a collage of glass, pearl and Swarovski crystal embellishments. And … Continue reading Etsy Find: Glass Slippers